Kids With Cameras

In July 2013, I began holding photography classes for children of Red Nose Foundation in Cilincing and Bintaro Lama. Why? Because photography is a fun and creative activity for the kids to experiment with and I needed a good reason the be out in the slums, spending time in a part of Jakarta that most bules (foreigners) generally wouldn’t make time to visit.

Additionally, photography is also a powerful means of communication – it allows the person behind the camera to capture events, objects, places and people in time. It allows the photographer to document a story and share that story with others. I wanted very badly to give the children an opportunity to communicate what their world was like for themselves and I wanted them to start thinking about the fact they had a voice and a right to be heard.

And so, with just a few donated digital cameras, the kids wandered through the village in search of subjects to photograph.

The results far exceeded my expectations and it was a real pleasure for me, as a communications specialist, to watch the kids make the most of the opportunity to experience the fun and story telling capabilities of photography for themselves.

You can view the Kids With Cameras photos albums showcasing photos taken by the kids in both Cilincing and Bintaro Lama on Flickr.

A report about the Kids With Cameras project was broadcast on Australia’s ABC radio on the Correspondents Reports on November 3, 2013. Listen to the report here: Correspondents Report with Elizabeth Jackson.


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