Australian Outrage Over Indonesian Slaughterhouse Allegations

An Australian documentary exposing the abuse of Australian cattle in Indonesian slaughterhouses has sparked outrage and disgust from the Australian public on Twitter.

“Words fail me at how disgusted I am watching the slaughter of cows in Indonesia from Australia,” wrote @GeoffField, via the micro-blogging site.

The program, A Bloody Business, shows video footage taken by a team of reporters and animal welfare activists of cattle being tortured.

Australian viewers of the documentary described the scenes as horrific, disgusting, shocking and unbearable to watch.

“Watching #4Corners … live cattle exports to Indonesia. I think I’m going to be sick. This has to stop,” twitter user @mark_mckeown commented.

Twitter user @InkBats said: “As a qualified Jackaroo who has slaughtered animals before I am shocked & brought to tears by this vile & evil treatment of cattle.”

One user by the name of @Trisha_Jha, simply asked “How difficult is it to slaughter a cow humanely?!”

According to the Four Corners Web site, trade of cattle to Indonesia is worth more than $300 million a year.

In light of the confronting expose which has been aired on Australia’s public broadcaster, the ABC, the Australian live export industry has reportedly suspended shipments to at least three slaughterhouses in Indonesia.

Within half an hour of the program going to air, twitter users had begun promoting an online petition, often directed to the twitter account of the Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, demanding the government ban exports of Australian livestock.

One viewer, whose twitter profile suggests he is the co-owner of a meat seller in Queensland, congratulated the Four Corners program for its investigation: “Congrats #4corners as a beef supplier we need to stop taking the quick buck overseas and focus on animal welfare,” @MyMateDobbo said.

Another user thanked the program for “highlighting Australia’s shame,” and asked “@JuliaGillard Please help bring an end to the LIVE CATTLE EXPORT INDUSTRY.”

Published on May 30,2011 in Jakarta Globe 


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